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I think incorporating a human element into an artistic concept is the most natural approach to expressing our influence in the world.

Humanity in Art”: A visual journey blending people and artistry.

In the first frame, my sister, a silhouette against time, savors coffee amidst a cosmic forest, embodying her bright and conversational spirit.

The second frame features my friend Gex in downtown Austin, walking up vintage-lit stairs, infusing life into the city's quietude.

Witness the seamless blend of humanity and artistry, shaping moments that echo our influence in the world.

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Project: Urban Impressions

Concept: Capturing timeless moments in the heart of the city

Introducing “Urban Impressions”: A visual journey capturing vintage moments in urban life. From a cozy bar in an old Texas town to city murals declaring “love will win,” and a poignant “miss you” etched on a window during a taco outing. Each photo tells a story, weaving together the tapestry of emotions in the heart of the city.

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Description: Meet our tiny philosopher, a contemplative puppy wrapped in a blanket, pondering life's mysteries. Then, dive into the joyous world of Rex as he protects, smiles, and grins in a playful series with his favorite bone. Enjoy the delightful moments of canine wisdom and exuberance in this charming collection.

Subject: Ponderings of a tiny philosopher and Joyful Rex.

Project: Canine Contemplations and Joyful Grins

Immerse yourself in a single, iconic image that transcends time—a snapshot of an old city pool that transports you to the 90s.

In the heart of the frame sits a mobile lifeguard chair, embodying an era where responsibility took a backseat. Nostalgia deepens as the scene unfolds to reveal a kids' section, crowned by an iconic yellow and red mushroom waterfall, where innocence reigned, and the notion of freedom felt entirely achievable. Join me on a journey back to the legendary days of carefree joy and youthful bliss.

"Morning Veil: Austin's Foggy Embrace"

In the calm of a foggy morning, downtown Austin takes on a casual coolness. The city skyline is wrapped in a misty embrace, giving off easygoing vibes and a laid-back charm. It's Austin waking up in its own unique way – where the everyday becomes effortlessly extraordinary.